Become a prime location
for car sharing

Do you own, manage or intend to construct a building with indoor parking?
Offer a practical, green solution geared towards your customers

Rather than owning a private vehicle that’s more often parked than not, users of our car share service have a car that they finance only for the period they need it. The rest of the time, the car is used by other members. At only $10*/hour or $50/day, it’s an economic solution.

Besides benefiting your customers, offering GoClico will also bring benefits to your company. Setting up a car share service in your building is an excellent marketing tool for attracting future buyers. You can also build loyalty among your customers and boost your trendy, green brand image.

* Plus taxes. Per-minute charge. Unlimited mileage.

Advantages for the owner

Turn-key solution

We take care of everything, from installing the charging station to renting the cars!


More profits for your business!

More available parking

Your customers won’t be required to own a car, so won’t need a parking spot.

Added value

Enhance your offer and you’ll increase the power of attraction of your buildings and boost loyalty among your customers.


Electric cars produce zero carbon emissions and car sharing helps reduce the number of road vehicles.

Zero hassle, tons
of benefits

Our cars

We opted for the Chevrolet Volt for its 85-km battery range and its modern look. If you need to go further, its gas-powered generator will give you unlimited autonomy.

We’ve reserved some Tesla Model 3 vehicles, which we’re impatiently awaiting!